Tuesday, March 31, 2009

reclaiming at it's finest

Recently, here in Palm Bay, we got a new shopping center. the Marshalls next-door to the Joann Fabrics that i frequent moved to the new shopping center and apparently got all new fixtures for the new location...which means that they liquidated their old fixtures - to ME! ok, not all of them, just one, but still!

$43 bucks for a sturdy metal 4-way stand with metal casters and all the arms, plus 4 additional arms, a bag-full of clippy-hooks, and two sign holders.
Basically it looks like this:
BUT, mine has a bunch more stuff on it, and was about 1/3 to 1/4 of the price :D
This has made storing my finished items so much easier! and at future craft fairs it's going to be so great, too!



Monday, March 23, 2009

"Orange you pretty!" OR "Baby, I'm coming to town!"

Check it: i'm featured in another Trashion-related entry for my Jackie O-range Tote Clutch. What a great boost for a rainy Monday morning :)

(i'm at the top right)

Thank you, TheRedCan!


Also...last night i launched more of my baby line! OMG, how exciting! the only things i was able to get listed were two burp cloth sets and a bib, but the rest will be listed this evening.

Plus, i will be continuing to sew more baby items, so that my baby line will include:
The Mom-On-The-Go SET, consisting of matching:
Mom-On-The-Go Bag
Travel Changing Pad
Diaper/Wipe Pouch
burp cloths
tee-shirt hats
soft blocks
onsies/tee-shirts (embellished/repurposed)

Happy (Rainy) Monday!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chubby Birdy!

last weekend i made myself a nice little folio that i could carry around at work. i carry a smaller top-flip notebook, so the big folios dont work for me, plus i wanted a place to put loose papers and a pen...and maybe some post-its. here's what i came up with:

i had been saving this fabric (the cream with the flowers) for something special to make for myself, and its springtime so a little chubby birdy (who Diana and i have since named Dexter) seems appropriate!the button is vintage from my grandmother's stash, as is the fabric which i commandeered from two goodwill finds. the blouses were obviously handmade, i would put them both circa 1970.

the yellow pockets are remnants from past projects. the whole folio is double-interfaced and i used the plastic bottom out of a reusable grocery sack (the kind you get at Publix) for some extra sturdiness. i cut a slit in the right side so that the flipped part of the notebook could easily slide in and out as needed, whenever i need to flip to a new page.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bachelorette Party!

As y'all know, i am in the process of planning my wedding for June. My best friend and MOH, Renee, is getting married 2 weeks before me, and, of course, i am her MOH. It's crazy times!

So this weekend i am headed up to Indiana for my final dress fitting and bachelorette party. It will be a joint party for both myself and Renee, so double the fun! We're going to a dinner theatre to see CATS!

The attire is of course the first thing we thought of, and instead of crowns, we decided that we'd each wear our rhinestone "bride" tanks. but we also wanted to have those cute sashes that say "maid of honor". being the seamstress, i decided to make them. here's the really cute part: mine is in her wedding color and hers is in my wedding colors :)
Here i am modeling them both, since the party hasn't happened yet:
(renee will wear teal and i will wear red)
It's gonna be a grand ol' time!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my current video obsessions

ok i know this has nothing to do with sewing but....

Have y'all seen this? This is hilarious! so i realize this is some "accidental advertising" for Denny's, but whatev. it's a Denny's commercial that originally aired during the superbowl. it plays periodically, and the dang song is stuck in my head!

ok then there is this one. if youw atch SNL, you know about the frickin funny digital shorts, right? about 2 weeks ago, the digital short hit a particular note with us, as we are going on a cruise for our honeymoon. observe: