Monday, December 21, 2009

Bag Recreation Project

Recently, I was commissioned to recreate a bag that had an unfortunate accident:

oh the horror! you can see the damage in the picture below, but also keep in mind that these photos are of the bag that i would be recreating, stitch-by-stitch:

I was able to salvage the zippers, D-rings, and straps:
You can really see the ink on the left side of the bag here:
so my work was cut out for me! new canvas, vinyl, closures, lining, and completely new construction. want to see the end result? course you do!

Here's the front:

the side panel:
Close-up of the new closures:
the back:

my fave part is the lining, which was upgraded by my client from army green nylon to fun fun fun floral cotton!

What a fun project! Can't wait for my next challenge!



  1. i think that the renovated one looks better! ha;d congratulations! ;d

  2. They're lovely! They look sturdy to me. I wonder how can I order this online? Do I just leave a message here? i will be waiting for your reply!


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