Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DIY: Yoga Mat Strap

So now that Diana and I are pretentious yoga snobs (made official by the fact that we bought our own mats), I decided that we each needed a strap to carry them. Instead of using "new" fabric tho, I decided this was a perfect use for some of the scraps I have hanging around and can't bare to part with, specifically the front parts of blouses that is the reinforced rows of button-holes (yes, I have saved them all):

The first thing I did was measure over my shoulder to see how long the strap should hang, then around the yoga mat. Add the first length to 2x the second length - for me it was about 60 inches.

This equated to three "button-hole strips". I sewed them together, not really worrying about seaming or fraying - thats the look I'm going for!

I then added a keyring (hey, it's what I had around!) to each end....
And VOILA! Here is my Yoga Mat Strap, all recycled, all in about 7 minutes :D
Here's how to put it on:
Loop the strap thru the ring on each end to create a loop.

Feed the mat thru each loop.

Now you are ready to hit the gym for yoga!!



  1. This is so brilliant, and I love that you used recycled materials! :) Thanks for the great DIY tutorial!

  2. I just made 3 of these straps using long strips left-over fleece! I didn't have any key-rings around, so I sewed up the tip just like you did, and that little fabric loop works fine with the stretchy fabric! It works great and is super soft and comfy. Thanks so much for the idea!

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