Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GREEN Spring Cleaning: Part II

After throwing away a whole bunch of bananas that had turned black (and by "whole bunch" i mean "a bunch", like 7), I decided that Jamie and i spend way too much money on food that we end up not eating and subsequently throwing in the trash. Shame on us! Shame!

Solution? OAMC!

OAMC stands for once a month cooking. The way it works is once a month you go to the store and buy all the things you need to cook a month's worth of meals, then cook ALL the meals (usually the next day, unless you are super-human) and package them in individual servings or family servings then stick them in the freezer. Then all month long you have dinners to eat on - all you do is pull out a meal (note why you would package them for a family serving) and reheat it, and add some fresh elements, if you want.

Benifits to OAMC:
healthier meals - Jamie and i are really trying to watch what we eat, you only eat what you put into these frozen meals!
cost savings - from bulk buying and less food trashed, i also think that running the oven/stove once for a longer time is more cost efficient that running it every day for a shorter time, and less trips to the store means less gas used
time savings - a big investment in the short run saves tons of time in the long run; plus i'm focused when i get home from work: all i want to do is sew, so sticking a meal in the microwave is perfect for those nights!

There are lots of great recipes and resources online in you Google "OAMC" or "freezer meals".

(btw, i put this under "Green Spring Cleaning" since it saves lots of money - ergo putting "green" in your pocket :)


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