Sunday, February 22, 2009

My "New" $15 Chair

The other day i was at the fabric store (aka: Goodwill) and i saw this chair there for 3 dollars. So i bought it.When i got it home, Jamie took one look at it and before i let him have his "you buy way too much ugly furniture" rant, i preempted with "i'm going to reupholster it!" This seemed to ease him, especially since the chair wasn't very plush.

So we went to Joann today and after striking out in the remnants, decided that we would just have to have some home decor fabric cut for this project. The chair has a real retro feel, so we decided on a bold graphic print in a vibrant green, to pick up the dark green on the walls. We also picked up a chair pad to make it more plush :) We assembled these along with some basic tools (staple gun, scissors, screw-driver) and got started:

1) unscrew the seat from the legs

2) cut the foam to size of the seat

3) lay the seat foam side down on the fabric, and fold the fabric over the side of the seat. staple in place. pull taught to the opposite side, but not so tight that the foam indents. pull fabric over and staple on the opposite side, then do the other two sides.

4) do the corners last. work inwards towards the corner, pulling taught as you go. staple in place and trim.
5) here's how it should look when all the sides and corners are done:

6) screw the seat back onto the legs

7) Enjoy! (that's Jamie enjoying the chair :)

chair: $3
pad: $7
fabric: $5
total: $15 - sweet!


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