Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chubby Birdy!

last weekend i made myself a nice little folio that i could carry around at work. i carry a smaller top-flip notebook, so the big folios dont work for me, plus i wanted a place to put loose papers and a pen...and maybe some post-its. here's what i came up with:

i had been saving this fabric (the cream with the flowers) for something special to make for myself, and its springtime so a little chubby birdy (who Diana and i have since named Dexter) seems appropriate!the button is vintage from my grandmother's stash, as is the fabric which i commandeered from two goodwill finds. the blouses were obviously handmade, i would put them both circa 1970.

the yellow pockets are remnants from past projects. the whole folio is double-interfaced and i used the plastic bottom out of a reusable grocery sack (the kind you get at Publix) for some extra sturdiness. i cut a slit in the right side so that the flipped part of the notebook could easily slide in and out as needed, whenever i need to flip to a new page.


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