Monday, March 23, 2009

"Orange you pretty!" OR "Baby, I'm coming to town!"

Check it: i'm featured in another Trashion-related entry for my Jackie O-range Tote Clutch. What a great boost for a rainy Monday morning :)

(i'm at the top right)

Thank you, TheRedCan!


Also...last night i launched more of my baby line! OMG, how exciting! the only things i was able to get listed were two burp cloth sets and a bib, but the rest will be listed this evening.

Plus, i will be continuing to sew more baby items, so that my baby line will include:
The Mom-On-The-Go SET, consisting of matching:
Mom-On-The-Go Bag
Travel Changing Pad
Diaper/Wipe Pouch
burp cloths
tee-shirt hats
soft blocks
onsies/tee-shirts (embellished/repurposed)

Happy (Rainy) Monday!


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