Thursday, August 6, 2009

was it any different?

Ah, the swinging sixties. the hippie era. free love and mod fashion. let's face it - i'm young. i'm don't know much about the 60's, but when it comes to style, no one can say that Twiggy didn't have it going on.

so as i'm preparing for the Toot Sweet! relaunch, i'm working with a graphic designer on a new logo for TS!, as well as banner, avatar and business card design. the logo will go on all printed material - this is how i will brand myself.

these pics are the ones i sent to my designer as ideas to work from. for the logo i'm thinking of a drawn mod girl holding a handbag, maybe wearing big sunglasses and being all Twiggy-esque. then having some mod-ish flowers in the background, but washed out a bit. since i already have turquoise and deep purple as accent colors (white and black mainly), i'll keep with those colors for my brand.

i'm really excited - aren't you?


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